Source code for djstripe.models.sigma

import stripe
from django.db import models

from .. import enums
from ..fields import JSONField, StripeDateTimeField, StripeEnumField
from .base import StripeModel

[docs]class ScheduledQueryRun(StripeModel): """ Stripe documentation: """ stripe_class = stripe.sigma.ScheduledQueryRun data_load_time = StripeDateTimeField( help_text="When the query was run, Sigma contained a snapshot of your " "Stripe data at this time." ) error = JSONField( null=True, blank=True, help_text="If the query run was not succeesful, contains information " "about the failure.", ) file = models.ForeignKey( "FileUpload", on_delete=models.SET_NULL, null=True, blank=True, help_text="The file object representing the results of the query.", ) result_available_until = StripeDateTimeField( help_text="Time at which the result expires and is no longer available " "for download." ) sql = models.TextField(max_length=5000, help_text="SQL for the query.") status = StripeEnumField( enum=enums.ScheduledQueryRunStatus, help_text="The query's execution status." ) title = models.TextField(max_length=5000, help_text="Title of the query.")